Tuesday, May 22, 2007

South Korea - 26th worldwide in length of lifespan

Korea’s women place 13th in world study

Korean is 26th in the world in terms of average lifespan.
According to data announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) on May 18, Koreans’ average longevity is 78.5 years, or 26th out of 194 nations. The figure for Korean women was 82, 13th place along with Germany, while Korean men’s life span was 75, 33rd place jointly with the U.S.
The average lifespan of Koreans has prolonged by 1.5 years annually for the past three years, from 75.5 in 2003 and 77 in 2004.
North Koreans had an average lifespan of 66.5 years (65 for men and 68 for women), which stayed the same as the previous year. Japan maintained the first place for two consecutive years with an average longevity of 82.5 years, followed by Australia, Monaco, and Switzerland at 81.5 years, and Iceland, Italy, San Marino and Sweden at 81 years.
The average longevity of males - 80 years - was the longest in San Marino, a small country with a population of 30,000. Next were Sweden, Switzerland, and Japan, all at 79. That of females was the longest in Japan at 86 years, followed by Monaco at 85, and Italy, Spain, and France, all with an 84-year average female lifespan.
In the case of other Asian countries, Singapore had an average lifespan of 80 years, followed by China at 72.5, the Philippines at 67.5, Mongolia at 65.5, and India’s 63-year average longevity.
The figure was the shortest worldwide in Swaziland at 37.5 years, followed by Sierra Leone at 38.5 and Angola and Zambia, both at 40 years.

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